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Fall Out Boy Young Blood Chronicles

Yes, I was one of those people who flipped their shit over “The Mighty Fall” video over the kid dying. Sorry, I know it’s “just a video” but my brain is wired to always protect kids. It’s a downer for music videos but wtf. But every other video I have Loved from FOB. Yes, I know it’s just a music video, but they are effective because of how they make you feel. That one particular part in the video made me not like it. Big deal! Aren’t we on here for what makes us different and how we see things? If I said I likes everything, I’d be lying and that’s not any good for anyone. I love fall out boy and respect them more than any other artists out there. I refuse to lie just because it’s not nice. I’d like to think honesty would be more important. Just sayin’. The guys have my unconditional support because they are amazing and deserve everyone’s support!

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